Re-defining Luxury Living with Exclusivity


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‘Redefining luxury’ is the new trend in today’s realty sector. Be it the young India with huge disposable income or the HNI’s the next gen want to taste the best of the best when it comes to their living space. Surprisingly, the developers have been successful in managing the ever increasing demand in the luxury segment, be it state-of-the-art living or the most sophisticated home automation along with the other luxuries like a personal pool, elevators opening right into the homes, home concierge, telemedicine and also outdoor amenities like or a mini golf courses, squash courts,  indoor badminton courts, basketball courts, tennis courts, steam rooms, saunas, Jacuzzis, and more.

India has over 85,000 Ultra High Net worth Individuals (UHNIs) and their numbers are evolving every day. This segment of the society prefers luxury at every step of their lives, be it the designer clothes, the high end premium cars or the super luxury extravagant holidays. When it comes to their living space, they will settle for nothing but the most exclusive and exquisite property. The rising demand for luxury homes has given a new face to housing concepts in India. Real estate developers are launching an array of luxury projects in metros and peripheral areas, and Tier II and III cities. The reason for this demand is changing demographics and rising aspirations. Luxury homes are similar to plush hotels and are exclusive as they have special features based on their location, structure and functionality.  India tops the list in the growth rate of the number of HNIs. Apparently, the realty sector of India accounts for about 40 percent of HNI’s investment portfolio. Investors understand that luxury housing is not as prone to the negative influence of recession, since the target audience itself is not dependent on home loans but operates largely with personal funds.

Inimitability being in demand, the developers are now putting in efforts to enhance and go beyond the standalone villa to an enclave format which personifies the exclusivity quotient. Besides being endowed with all the world-class amenities within the reach of each resident, the enclave format also provides the much yearned privacy to them.

Mantri Developers has always been successful in creating and including exclusive features in all its luxury  projects. For example, the ultra luxury Mantri DSK Pinnacle, with a Sky Lounge-Coffee shop , an observatory to watch stars through a telescope, unique under water gym i.e Aqua Gym and a mini Theatre. Another exclusive project is Mantri Espana, Spanish-styled homes that are rich with Mediterranean landscape and glamorous amenities that transport you to Spain and the Largest clubhouse in all of Bangalore, El prado that adds to the sense of exclusivity. Both the projects have an added advantage of Smart Home technology.

The aspirational clientele seeking such opulence adopt a no holds barred approach to create a designer pad like no other, unique by means of location, décor, technology and sometimes even neighbours. What’s to stop one from indulging in the lap of luxury with a one-of-a-kind home tailored to your every whim and fancy when the sky’s the limit!


‘GO GREEN’ to pay less for your dream home

Concerned about reducing your carbon foot print? Want to contribute towards creating a sustainable future for our future generations? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, then you should consider Green Homes. Eco-friendly concept homes are fast becoming the norm with people becoming increasingly conscious about the environment and sustainability. The benefits of Green Homes are many – they help save energy, conserve water and recycle waste. The principle behind these homes is ‘recycle, reuse, renew’.

Eco-friendly homes not only offer green spaces and a sustainable quality of life but also help save money on an ongoing basis. A well designed eco friendly Green Home can help save on power usage by enhancing the use of natural light and fresh air thereby reducing the use of air-conditioning and electric lights. A ‘Green Building’ as per the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) standard is one that consumes less energy, water and natural resources. On an average, a ‘Green Building’ can lower energy consumption by 30-50% and water consumption by 30-70%.

In addition, buyers of certified green and energy-efficient homes can get home loans at lower interest rates. This was announced recently as part of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) and the National Housing Bank (NHB) which is the apex home finance institution in India. The objective of this MoU is to promote the adoption of energy efficient ‘Green Home’ concept in India. NHB with the support of IGBC would extend financing to home finance companies that are willing to transfer the benefits of concessional interest rates to buyers of green and energy-efficient homes.

As a part of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), IGBC is involved in promoting the green building movement in India. Even though the penetration of Green Homes is currently very low, IGBC feel that there is a tremendous opportunity for Green Homes in the residential sector. Promoting the concept of Green Homes, IGBC has introduced a system of rating Green Homes which will rate a building’s infrastructure, waste management, design, water and natural resource conservation systems etc.

Green Homes are fast catching the imagination of consumers and developers and builders are including Green Homes in their product portfolio. Developers are emphasizing the use of green building and design principles like water harvesting, waste management along with the use of eco friendly building materials in their upcoming projects. On the technology front, there are various options which builders are adopting to build green homes. Energy saving air conditioners, high performance glass windows, water saving solutions, composting toilets and efficient building management systems are some solutions leveraged by developers to build eco-friendly homes.

Riding the Green Home trend is Mantri Developers – a leading developer in Southern & Western India. It has launched Mantri Pinnacle which is South India’s tallest residential tower. Located on Bannerghatta Road in South Bangalore, Mantri Pinnacle will incorporate all the Standard Green Building features and will be rated as a Gold Rated Green Building. This super luxury, high end 46 storey apartment complex is designed to harness natural light and will have 90% open space, rainwater harvesting system, organic waste management, CFC free refrigerant-based HVAC equipment to avoid ozone depleting gases, BEE rated home equipment & appliances to reduce power consumption and eco-friendly interiors for comfortable and sustainable living.

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‘Mantri Global Heights – stop imagining & start living’


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Bangalore has been host to many budding businesses & industries over the years, real estate being one of the prime suspects in this revolution of sorts. Over the last two decades both commercial & residential realty have grown exponentially. Today commercial & residential developments are always exploring new avenues & potentialities.

In recent times Mantri Developers has emerged as a name that stands out for strategically planned properties & developments that come unique in design & architecture. Such as the Mantri Espana with its Spanish & Mediterranean architecture & a humungous clubhouse that comes in at a massive 60,000 sqft. Another great property is Mantri Webcity, located on Hennur main road. A property which is technology centric that connects residents & where you can gain knowledge on the move!

Mantri Global Heights, A project that offers ready to move-in luxury apartments, bringing an ultra-modern design to your home with serene surroundings, with an additive of a lush green atmosphere that allows residents to dwell in a quiet & calm atmosphere. Located off Whitefield main road the project is located in the nucleus of IT in Bangalore & has convenient proximity to a number of landmarks around the city, making it an ideal location. Whitefield is an integral area in the city, housing a large fraternity of the IT sector & working professionals across a number of industries. One major advantage of Whitefield is that it is self sufficient, playing host to a number malls, restaurants, hospitals, automotive companies etc.

Global Heights provides homes with variations in floor space for families of all sizes. For those who are looking for a home that they can occupy immediately Global Heights provides a great option here is the ready to move-in availability that gives prospective residents easy convenience & less hassle for time. So you can pack up & just shift in when the time is right for you!

Green is the word going around town when it comes to new project developments around the city and Mantri Global Heights puts great emphasis on this with more than 70% open space around the vicinity, landscaped gardens with fantastic fountains to give you a sense of nature’s pleasantries. Homes come equipped with state of the art kitchens & a luxury in design. A host of amenities to cater to the whole family such as playing areas, party lawns and swimming pool, indoor facilities like a health club and clubhouse etc. The project has eco-friendly features like rain water harvesting, water purification plant and sewage treatment plant.

For 80% of cost of the apartment, the interest part (as directed by the bank) for the first 8 months of the EMI will be paid by Mantri Developers.

Overall Mantri Global heights is set to raise the bar for luxury apartments & deftly gives effect to the phrase ‘stop imagining and start living’.

A lap of luxury, a lesson in affluence; welcome to Mantri Signature Villas!


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The real estate scenario in India has been that of a fairy tale in many ways, going from a relatively undeveloped investment destination to a mainstay in the realty segment. With its steady advent a demand for realty both in the commercial as well as residential segment has seen humongous prosperity. The residential sector has seen a constant change from demands for large land banks to high demand in rental spaces, apartments varying in size to a completely new trend in demand for villas.

Villas has seen a growing trend across parts of India, with builders trying to capitalize on the opportunity in its early stages. Over the years Mantri Developers has set itself apart from the competition by offering unique & cleverly planned projects around Bangalore and other parts of South India. In their latest project they have ventured into the final frontier of the housing sector; Mantri Signature Villas located on ECR link road, Chennai. Signature villas are a first from MDPL, aimed at epitomizing luxury & providing those who wish for a taste in affluence. Being a one of a kind project it has been aimed at giving its residents a key to luxury & class with a hint of panache.

Well equipped villas with an exclusive 26,000 Sq.ft clubhouse ‘The Clover’ will entertain & meet the residents every needs. Swimming pools, astutely landscaped gardens with water bodies, a health club side by side with steam, sauna & massage rooms are just a few amenities offered with Mantri Signature Villas. Mantri Signature Villas is a highly eco-friendly project, it includes rain water harvesting system and sewage treatment plant (STP), where the recycled water is used for gardening and other domestic purposes. Solar water heating system and solar-powered lighting are also part of the project.

In order to take the experience to an even higher level, a number of villas will be equipped with stylish, modern one passenger lifts. Mantri Signature Villas come armed with a unique feature called Home automation which provides security systems for those who have a strong need for security. Any sort of unauthorized access will set off the security system & the owners will be notified digitally through SMS & Email.

Mantri Signature Villas is a true example of growth that meets the aspirations of the globally-transformed customers by offering them a spacious and luxurious villa with world-class amenities.

Mantri Signature Villas has a lot going for it & being an especially unique offering in the segment and what it provides will be interesting to watch out for.


A place to unwind, shake a leg or just expunge all pent up tension, the Espana Clubhouse!!


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2013 is a year where aspects of business & life have come a long way. Businesses have peaked and hit a saturation point, having gone through doldrums only to find their way back up the ladder. People are earning a living keep in mind the various desires and needs they have for them and their loved ones. Buying a home is one of those needs of many who view it as a very important investment from a long term point of view. When buying a home, investors and home owners alike look for what is offered and what they get in return for the amount they invest. In today’s time, developers are pushing the envelope of innovation in their projects; offering sizable & well designed homes for families, multiple amenities for entertainment, security and convenience. A few companies have managed to emerge as thought leaders.

 Mantri developers has always believed and focused on offering innovative projects to its customers. One such offering is Mantri Espana; located on Outer Ring road, opposite Intel, the area is witnessing rapid development and a huge influx of residential projects due to the presence of IT companies in the area. Mantri Espana is unique in its architecture and design, taking cues from Spanish designs with a Mediterranean outlay. The property aims to provide luxury with a standout design that gives residents a feeling of living in a completely different city within the boundaries of Bangalore. Mantri Developers has spared no expense in providing premium state of the art facilities to cater to a family’s entertainment, leisure and security etc.

One standout characteristic of Mantri Espana is the clubhouse, which is the largest clubhouse in Bangalore. Sizing up at a colossal 60,000 sqft, not only is it big but it has a barrage of amenities for residents of all ages, such as five swimming pools including one indoor heated pool, a home concierge for when you have any travel or holiday plans they are right there at your doorstep to take care of them for you. A telemedicine facility to consult visiting doctors regarding any health issues.

For fitness enthusiasts there is a health club with a state of the art gym, for those of you who are looking to unwind after a hard day’s work the clubhouse has steam rooms, a sauna & Jacuzzis that help you expunge all the tension from body & mind. Those of you have a passion for sports the clubhouse boasts of 2 squash courts, 2 pool tables, indoor badminton courts, 2 tennis courts & more. The clubhouse also has a fabulous food court along with restaurants for all foodie’s, cafes & lounges to laze around.

The Mantri Espana surely promises to be an experience as colossally exciting as its multi talented clubhouse.Image

The “Reality” of home buyers & borrowing in the real estate sector


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Home Loan - 2The massive market crash witnessed almost all over the world in 2008 is usually credited to the solitary reason being Subprime, at least is the case in the USA. There are many out there who won’t be familiar with this term. Subprime is a type of loan usually given to an individual with a limited or poor credit history. Even individuals who have good credit history tend to be classified under the subprime category. The reason being that many a time they choose not to fully disclose or verify their income or assets provided in the process. Subprime loans tend to have high credit risks and garner high interest rates. Lenders use a detailed credit scoring system to determine whether a borrower can qualify for a loan and which kinds of loans. Today many prospective home owners are in the dark about the home loans, collateral, annual percentage rate (APR) etc.

In this post we shed some light on something which you might be unaware of. Annual percentage rate The annual rate that is charged for borrowing (or made by investing), expressed as a single percentage number that represents the actual yearly cost of funds over the term of a loan.

To new home buyers, always make sure when going in for a home loan to check on interest rates with various lenders and to see which one’s offer the best package. Since home buyers usually take loans over a long term, interest rates and the terms of the loan are always negotiable. When you negotiate the interest rate and other terms of the loan, in turn it reduces the amount you owe to the bank in the long run or you can use the same to put it back in the repayment of the loan and shorten the time span of the loan.

Here are some helpful tips if you are looking to take a home loan:

  • Banks charge a processing fee when giving loans, these usually range between .50 – 1%. On some occasions such as festive seasons banks waiver the processing fee, so always get an idea of the processing fee charged.
  • Check out the best interest rates banks offer. Always go to different banks and check out the interest rates on offer and see the best deals you get, even a small slash in rates can make a world of a difference since home loans tend to be big (30 Lakhs+ home loan).
  • When opting for a home loan, always take the time to read the loan agreement. Agreements generally tend to be very detailed but studying its content is always beneficial.
  • Always keep in mind the job you have, since a part of your salary will go into paying back the loan. If you are in a high tax bracket it’s always better to opt for a home loan, which will enable you to avail to tax breaks for the principal amount paid on the interest. If possible try to set aside a sizable amount of money so as to be able to clear off the loan early which again will avail you to a tax break.

With these tips we hope that you move in to a house quickly and you choose wisely.

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“Sushil Mantri-Big Bets, Big Rewards”


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Sushil Mantri-Big Bets, Big Rewards

 Through the ages the world has developed and modernized by leaps and bounds. During the age of industrialization businessmen and entrepreneurs cropped up like rice in paddy fields. Plying their trade in different branches of business and with rapid economic growth and development, the opportunities to make a living were far and wide and grew more lucrative as time marched on.

Nestled away in the relatively unexplored part of South East Asia, India is seen by many as a potential economic powerhouse. India with its vast resources available at its disposal has had economic ties with numerous countries for this very reason. In time the realty segment started to grow rapidly with commercial and residential projects sprouting up in the metros of India. Bangalore was one city where Realty witnessed a meteoric rise over a span of 20 years. With IT having encapsulated almost the whole of Bangalore, large crowds of IT professionals have descended upon the city to widen the scope of their careers.

In the year 1999 at the turn of the millennium a man by the name of Sushil Mantri came to Bangalore with one purpose in mind, to build an enterprise renowned for quality constructions and an industry leader in trends and innovations. From these ideals Mantri Developers was born and today it stands as South India’s leading real estate developer. An enthusiastic individual full of vigour and ideas, it was the perfect blend in a sector which had enormous growth potential. Those who have had the privilege to work with Mr. Sushil Mantri early on in his career would have hailed witness to his creative genius.

Over the years Mantri has been the cornerstone many a time, for example; Mantri was the First to partner with Morgan Stanley Real Estate for FDI in real estate in 2006. Some other milestones include Mantri being the first to provide individual swimming pools for penthouses in Bangalore since 2003 as well as the first to offer Home Concierge: on-call services at your doorstep, these are just some of the many milestones Sushil Mantri and his intrepid team have been responsible for.

So Ever wondered what it takes to start up a business in a relatively young market and go on build a billion dollar business organisation? ‘Sushil Mantri – Big Bets, Big Rewards’ is an insightful scripture into the life of Sushil Mantri. From the hardships, successes, challenges and hinges around his growth in the business to the rich experience he has gained, it promises to be a unique read. Today Mantri is a billion dollar organisation and one of South India’s leading real estate developers.

So what is the book about you may wonder? How does one man become a real estate giant from almost nothing? How does he face hardships and difficulties that come his way without being down trodden? Find out about all this and much more in Sushil Mantri’s ‘Sushil Mantri – Big Bets, Big Rewards’.

“In order to achieve success in any line of work, it is very important to take risks and chances.”

A world we call WebCity, a world you call home


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A world we call WebCity, a world you call home

Mantri WebCity
“A world we call WebCity, a world you call home”
Bangalore today is referred to as the Silicon Valley of India. Going from being the Garden City to transforming into the nucleus of IT, Bangalore has witnessed the most rapid commercialization among any city within the country. The city is home to some of the biggest real-estate companies in India and some of the most unique projects and developments in the country. With Residential and Commercial projects cropping up all over the city there has been a rise in demand in housing solutions of various kinds. Today Bangalore stands as one of the top investment hubs of real estate in India.

Today Investors come with a host of expectations when it comes to their homes, being as it is one of their biggest long term investments. This has led developers in the market to continuously innovate as well as replicate current trends in architecture and design, such as projects with modern, classical, contemporary design themes, Eco themes and more. Large investments go into the development of projects to be able to provide sustainable and comfortable housing solutions for prospective customers.
Mantri Webcity is the first techno residential project inspired by new age technologies like Nano technology, robotics, cloud computing etc. a first of its kind in the real estate space. The Mantri WebCity provides a host of unique technological offerings to its residents such as GlimpIdea (App for the community), Mantri’s Digital Life, Music Wall, Live Earth Screens and more. Such technological introductions are aimed at keeping residents connected and socialize in the community where they are living by incorporating the social networking elements in their daily life.
The towers draw inspirations from neoclassical and contemporary architecture, buildings are arranged to present each “room with a view” overlooking lush surroundings inspired by English gardens. Such ideas and creations are sure to push the tempo of innovations with some truly inspired ideas set to take the real-estate vertical by storm in the future.
The Mantri WebCity aims to roll along with the times and keep up with technology and today’s trend of connecting people.

”Live construction Status- keep track of the progress of your project from anywhere, anytime”


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Over the years India and Bangalore in particular have witnessed a meteoric rise in demand for homes from leading developers across the country. With customers spending on affordable homes to high end premium housing there is a consistent demand for modern, stylish housing. Bangalore has had a consistent and continuously rising demand in housing solutions aiding to the development of projects all over the city. This has led to the widening of the boundaries of the city of what previously used to be considered as the outskirts are now a part of the city.

With such a rise in investment and demand, the expectations of customers has risen with developers building modern, state of the art projects brimmed with amenities to cater to residents who now have a variety of  expectations. Bookings for projects are being made available before or during construction. There is always an expectation from customers to keep a check on the status of their home which is one of their largest investments.

Mantri Developers introduced their latest brainchild -”The Live construction Status” .They have incorporated this feature in their latest project, the Mantri Alpyne. The” Live construction Status” was introduced to reduce the hassle of residents having to keep track of the progress of the project. Usually residents have to refer to updated images posted by the developer or have to travel to the site which is a huge ask if they live far off.

The” Live construction Status” is the first of its kind used by any organization in the real estate vertical. This gives prospective residents the flexibility to monitor the construction progress without having to be there in person or wait for updates or images of the same. The concept utilizes five cameras strategically placed around the confines of the project; this therefore allows residents and prospective buyers to keep a tab on construction, as well as being able to see how work is carried out. This is purely used to cater to the needs and requirements of the consumer.

This initiative has been introduced by Mantri developers in Mantri Alpyne, the project is located at Banashankari 5th stage and is well connected to the city’s business districts, educational institutions and shopping areas. The architecture draws its inspiration from the infamous Georgian townhouse era. At the same time the project focuses a lot on an environmentally friendly atmosphere and looks to inculcate a green concept in the project as a whole.

This innovation has truly revolutionized the purchasing experience of a property as well as providing a sense of security in the minds of the consumer.Image

Towards a sustainable future


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Corporate sustainability is a business approach that creates long-term consume and employee value by not only creating a “green” strategy aimed towards the natural environment, but taking into consideration every dimension of how a business operates in the social, cultural, and economic environment. Also formulating strategies to build a company that fosters longevity through transparency and proper employee development (wiki)


Businesses’ responsibility to give back to the community is one of the important attribute of Corporate Sustainability. Mantri Developers has done this over the years and have taken major steps to contribute toward the betterment of the society. Some of the various sustainability challenges taken by MDPL are in the areas of livelihood, Education, Green Spaces, Smart home solutions, Construction safety to name a few.

Some of the initiatives towards the sustainability by MDPL included Mantri Partnering with the Lake Development Authority, Govt. of Karnataka, to revive Bangalore’s Mahadevapura Lake. Entering into a PPP with the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation to build the Malleshwaram Metro station in Bangalore on 5 acres of Mantri Developers owned land. Restoring 3 Major parks and also having adopted several other parks and water bodies to develop green spaces, in the city. Mantri Developers has also installed windmills of 15.75 MW generating around 4 Cr units per annum to provide electricity to nearby villages.

Mantri S.E.V.A, a social responsibility wing by MDPL had many Community development activities which included associating with Hippocampus and conducting a drive to collect old books for underprivileged children. Also old cloths collection drive in association with Goonj NGO. Donating hearing aids and hosting a speech therapy session for special kids (deaf and dumb) as well as conducting eye check-up camps for construction workers.

Mantri Developers also have a unique 360° approach when it comes to Customer Relationship Management. The company helps customers customize their houses and maintains their property as well. Keeping these initiatives in mind, recently Mantri Developers Pvt Ltd was conferred with the most coveted CII-ITC Sustainability Award for the year on 15th January 2012. This prestigious award was presented by the Honourable President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee to Mr. Sushil Mantri, Chairman and Managing Director, Mantri Developers Pvt Ltd., at a special event organised by CII in New Delhi.


CII-ITC sustainability awards is an industry benchmark to recognize the contribution of notable thought leaders, promoters and institutions which helped to translate the vision of creating a sustainable world into reality and have successfully instituted sustainability in some element of their business.